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This bot protects your server from links like:,,,, etc... Only if you are an administrator you can send links or turn anti-link off/on with the command /help.

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Whats New? v2.5.2

2.5.2 Version: 2 Factor Authentication

[+] 2 Factor Authentication
      Toggle 2FA: /toggle_2fa
      Lock Commands: /lock
      Unlock Commands: /unlock
What is 2FA: 2FA is a security system that requires two separate, distinct forms of identification in order to access something.
In our case 2FA is your permissions (ADMINISTRATOR) + a 6 digit code that generates every 30 seconds
With this update: The server owner can generate a key 32 digit key that he will put to an authenticator app (An authenticator app is an app that generates the 6 digit codes based on the 32 digit key). So when the server owner or someone that the server owner has given access to has the 6 digit code can lock or unlock all commands them to make sure that none of the administrators will turn off AntiLink.

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